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Events icon   Events for September, October and November
Sat 12th Sept Dene farm xc 10.30am

Sat 10th Oct Downlands xc 10.30am

Sun 11th Oct Fun Ride 10.30am starting at Martin's yard

Sat 17th Gridwork 10.30am at Martin's yard

Sun 15th Nov Rockborne ride 10.30am

Sun 22nd Nov Games at Martin's yard 10.30am

For event details please read the events description page. A lot of us are heading off to the local hunter trials at the weekends, Mabey we'll see you there!

Posted on 08 Sep 2015 by Real Riders Club
   Events for June, July and August
28th June Gridwork at Martin's yard in Pitton 10.30am.

5th July One Day Event, 2ft class with walk & trot test or 2'6/2'9 class with prelim 7. Please contact us for full details.

19th July Treasure hunt starting at Martin's in Pitton 10.30am.

26th July Race day to be held at East Grimstead 10.30am. Please contact us for more details.

2nd August bridleless sessions at stockbottom farm pitton 10.30am.

8th August xc schooling and competition at Toomer Farm 10.30am.

9th August xc schooling and competition at 3 maids 10.30am.

15th August xc schooling and competition at downlands 10.30am.

16th August xc schooling and competition at Tenantry 10.30am.

30th August combined training at Martin's yard in Pitton 10.30am.

Posted on 24 Jun 2015 by Real Riders Club
Events icon   Event dates for June
Horsemanship trials on 7th and 13th June 10.30am at Gastons farm, Wallop.

Bridleless and Horsemanship tasks 21st June 10.30am at White hill stables, pitton, SP5 1DY ( Martin's yard in Pitton).

Posted on 19 May 2015 by Real Riders Club
Updates icon   Welcome to Real Riders Club 2015
We have some fun new events to add to this years usual collection of cross country, clear round, showjumping competitions, horsmanship trials and gridwork. These new events include a treasure hunt and 4 phase one day event of showjumping, cross country, barrel racing and pole dressage.

The dates and deails of events will be kept updated on this website and our facebook Real Riders Club members page. Photos from events will be put on these too, with an end of year 'best photo' cup for the person in our favourite captured moment from an event. Well done Megan and Cheyanne for winning this last year with their explosive exit from the water at Everleigh.

We were very kindly donated some fantastic cups from some local buisness last year, C.D Brown Contracting, Henry Stanley Compost Suppliers and Mike and Kate Willman. Nick Ludlow has also kindly offered to donate a 'Senior trophie/rosebowl' for our over 50's to compete for, thankyou Nick! Points towards these Cups and Trophies will be awarded for event results and a single point for a lesson.

The winners of last years cups are:

Real Riders Cup - Kay Pogson

Real Riders under 18 Cup - Sophie Elford

Cross Country Cup - Rosie Horne

Horsemanship Trials Cup - Maria Foster

There were also 10 Cross Country medals awarded last year 1 Bronze, 4 Silver and 5 Gold. These can be gained by attending 3 or more Real Riders Cross Country events throughout the year.

We are looking forward to seeing everybody soon for some fun!

Posted on 05 Feb 2015 by Real Riders Club
Events icon   Events in March and April 2015
Here are the events we have planned for March and April, for full details of events and prices, please look on the events description page.

1st March Gridwork, this is at Martin' s yard, pitton hill, pitton. Group 1 at 10.30am, group 2 at 12.30pm. Currently only spaces left for group 2.

8th March Clear Round and Competition, this is at Martin's yard, pitton hill 10.30am.

14th March Cross Country schooling and competition at dene farm, wallop 10.30am

15th March Cross country schooling and competition at tenantry, rockborne at 10am.

21st and 22nd March Cross country schooling and competition, locations to be confirmed soon.

5th April Gridwork 10.30am at Martin's yard, pitton.

19th April Combined training 10.30am at Martin's yard , pitton.

26th April Bridleless sessions. Location and times to be confirmed.

Posted on 05 Feb 2015 by Real Riders Club

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